Currency Blankets

Textiles were once used as currency by ancient cultures. Our currency blankets reflect this history by converting modern banknotes into woven throws. Learn more.

We worked with banknotes from nine countries — Argentina, Australia, Hong Kong, Kyrgyzstan, Romania, Sierra Leone, Switzerland, Uganda, and USA — to create woven jacquard throw blankets.

100% Cotton, Made in USA

Meet the Currencies

Currency is one way a nation presents itself to itself. Most are only used within a single nation's borders by its own citizens. When viewed from this perspective, banknotes provide an intriguing window into the national soul.

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Born in Detroit, reborn in Austin

Hiller Dry Goods original store, circa early 1900s

Our Three Simple Rules

1) design things we want in our own home, 2) with only the level of perfection we would accept, 3) made as close to home as possible.

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