Bubu Blanket

Bubu Blanket


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The Bubu Blanket – design is based on Kyrgyzstan's 5 Som banknote and named after the great Kyrgyz ballerina Bübüsara whose portrait is featured on the bill and blanket. Kyrgyzstan is one of only 48 countries that features a woman on its banknotes.

  • Edging color - White
  • 100% Cotton
  • Woven in North Carolina
  • Free shipping in USA

The Quality – soft, durable, and lightweight, the combination of a tight two-ply weave and tear-resistant duck canvas edging produces a warm yet breathable throw that is the perfect size for two average humans or one superhuman.

The Process – jacquard looms use a limited palette of threads to weave a wide array of optically blended colors which—similar to pointillism—appear to the human eye as distinct solid colors. Tapestry artists, including Chuck Close, use this same technique to produce large scale, photorealistic wall art.

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